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Wine decanting and tips

The picture of Vetrerie di Empoli is the Italian boutique Vetrerie di Empoli, which is exclusively represented by Kenneth Wine Cellar in Australia. If you are interested in collecting it, please call us for enquiries. 1) Decanting time The younger the vintage and the red wine with high tannins, the longer it will take to decant 2) Decanter: After the wine is poured into the decanter, you can shake it gently 3) Quick (action) decanter The time required to use the quick (action) decanter is shorter than that of the dish decanter, but it is not recommended to use the quick (action) decanter for old wine. ) Decanter 4) Stirring decanter Use a stirring decanter to decanter, which can make the wine aroma more prominent 5) Candles and flashlights Learn how to slowly pour unfiltered wine into the decanter using candles or flashlights 6) Wine dregs A stainless steel filter can be used to separate the wine dregs from the wine. 7) Duration: Most red wines last up to 12-18 hours after being placed in a decanter.