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What is the function of wine packaging plastic wrap?

Prevent wine labels from getting damaged due to moisture. Wrapping wine in plastic wrap is mainly to protect wine labels. Wine labels are a reflection of wine culture, and damaged wine labels are undoubtedly the most troublesome thing. For dealers, damaged wine labels are not only unfavorable to the appearance and reduce the value of the wine, but also make it difficult for consumers to understand the wine.
The storage environment of wine requires a humidity of 60%-70%. In humid wine cellars and wine cabinets, it is easy for a large amount of mold to breed, causing various mildew spots on the wine label, and even moisture damage. Wrapping the wine label with plastic wrap can protect the wine label well. Prevent wine label damage during transportation During transportation, wine will inevitably be subject to various bumps. After all, wine labels are made of paper and are likely to get worn out during transportation.
For many friends who want to give wine to others, they don’t want the wine to be damaged at all. For many famous wines, many people like to collect wine labels as souvenirs. Protecting wine labels is particularly important. Prevent wine labels from freezing. Drinking wine has very high temperature requirements. Sparkling wines and dessert wines need to be chilled before opening. The plastic wrap can also ensure that the wine label will not be damaged by freezing, and it can still be clearly presented in front of people after being chilled.