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What is the difference between sherry cask or bourbon cask whiskey?

Bourbon barrels are second-hand barrels that have aged American bourbon whiskey. Because the raw material of bourbon whiskey is corn, and the oak barrels are slightly roasted, the bourbon barrel whiskey has cream, caramel, vanilla, nuts, etc. Flavor, with hints of flowers, honey and figs. Also due to the characteristics of bourbon barrels, the color of bourbon barrel whiskey is usually lighter golden yellow. Because U.S. law stipulates that bourbon must be aged in new and toasted American white oak barrels, the aged whiskey barrels cannot be reused. These barrels were later used to age Scotch whiskey. Sherry barrels are second-hand barrels that have aged Spanish sherry. Sherry is a sweet fortified wine with a flavor similar to brandy and Shaoxing wine. It has a thick taste, while sherry barrel whiskey usually contains raisins. , nuts, berries or dark chocolate, caramel and other aromas. Due to the darker color of sherry itself and the use of Spanish red oak, the color of sherry barrel whiskey is darker, mostly reddish brown or dark amber.