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Things to be aware about counterfeit wine

At present, there are mainly several types of foreign wines on the market in my country, such as brandy, whiskey, vodka and wine, as well as rum, gin, etc. 1) When purchasing foreign wine, be sure to check whether the “CIQ” verification mark and commodity inspection certificate are affixed on the wine bottle packaging. 2) From the packaging point of view, the outer carton printing of the fake wine is relatively rough, the bottom of the box is dark and unclear, the alcohol and bottle stoppers are rough, the trademark printing is rough, the color is not bright enough, and there are obvious traces of artificial pasting. 3) From a sensory point of view, counterfeit foreign wines vary depending on the circumstances of the counterfeiting, but generally the style and characteristics of counterfeit foreign wines are significantly different from all types of genuine foreign wines in terms of appearance, color, smell and taste.