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The exhibition reviews the 66-year history of Grand Prix and promotes local tourism events to the public

“Retrospective Exhibition of the 66-Year History of the Macau Grand Prix Together”

The “66 Years of Macau Grand Prix Together” historical retrospective exhibition co-organized by CSI Group and Taipa Ferry Terminal is being held at the arrival hall of Taipa Ferry Terminal. It aims to promote local tourism events to Macau tourists and residents and popularize racing culture. and knowledge. Let the public have a deeper understanding of the development and evolution of Grand Prix racing and feel the shock and excitement of Grand Prix racing. The event will be on display until the 25th of next month, and admission is free.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held recently. Zheng Zhijin, chairman of CSI Group, said that the exhibition is rich in content, including an AUDI R8 tank from Tianshi Racing Team, as well as highlights of previous racing events, paper materials and peripheral products. As the commercial space and manager of the terminal, the group hopes to bring the diverse and unique Macau event culture to the terminal and promote it to the world.

Poon Yong-kuen, Director of the Sports Bureau who attended the opening ceremony, said that this year’s Grand Prix will be held from the 14th to the 17th of next month. Drivers from all over the world will continue to participate. It is very attractive. More than 90% of the tickets have been sold. The response is very good and the preparations are progressing satisfactorily. The authorities’ ability to host events and track conditions have gained international recognition.