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The establishment of the Sino-Portuguese Performing Arts and Culture Association and the inauguration ceremony of the first directors and supervisors

On November 27, 2019, the China-Portuguese Performing Arts and Culture Association held a congratulatory celebration and the establishment of the association and the inauguration ceremony of the first directors and supervisors at the banquet hall of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Cheng Chi Kam, the founding president of the association, expressed the hope that through close exchanges and cooperation between performers from China and Portugal, the level of local performing arts culture in Macau would be improved and local performers would be given a new platform. The performance and other arrangements of the club on the dinner night were coordinated by Kenneth International Entertainment, a subsidiary of CSI Group.

The ceremony was held at 7:00 on November 27, 2019, in the banquet hall of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xue Xiaofeng, Minister of Xuanwen Wan Sucheng, Chairman of the Municipal Affairs Bureau Management Committee Dai Zuyi, Director of Culture Mu Xinxin, Director of Sports Pan Yongquan, representatives of the National People’s Congress of the Macao region Xiao Zhiwei, Lu Bo and Wu Xiaoli, members of Parliament Ye Zhaojia, Zheng Anting and other guests attended the event.

That night, with Xue Xiaofeng and Mu Xinxin administering the oath, and accompanied by founding president Zheng Zhijin, founding chairman Wu Guoqing, and founding supervisor Liao Yuexing, president Zheng Xiaosong led the association’s first directors and supervisors to take the oath of office.

Zheng Zhijin, the founding president of the association, said in his speech that President Xi Jinping proposed the “One Belt, One Road” cooperation initiative in 2013, which brought the relationship between China and Portugal to a new level. Macao has always maintained close ties and cooperation with Portuguese-speaking countries, the European Union and Latin-speaking countries in many aspects. Macao is a treasure trove of Chinese and Western cultures. We hope to lead a group of entertainers into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, integrate into the development of the Greater Bay Area, give full play to Macao’s own characteristics and advantages, and obtain more opportunities.

In his speech of thanks, the founding chairman of the association, Wu Guoqing, expressed the hope that the association can become a bridge for cultural communication between China and Portugal in the performing arts, build a high-quality platform for the two places, unite friends in the performing arts circles who love the country and Macao, and contribute to the development of local performing arts in Macao.