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The difference between single and blended whiskey

Today Kenneth’s Wine Fun Facts will share with you the difference between single and blended whiskey. “Blended Malt Whiskey” is made by blending malt whiskey with grain whiskey, or blending malt whiskeys from two or more distilleries, such as Johnnie Walker Green label, Grant’s 100% Malt, etc. Sometimes blended malt whiskey is also called single malt whiskey/single malt whiskey (Vatted Malt). “Single Malt” (Single Malt) means that only wine from the same distillery is used for blending. For example, Glenlivet 12-year-old uses only wine from the Glenlivet distillery that is more than 12 years old to create a consistent blend. smell. Single malt can bring out the unique personality of a distillery and is quite popular among whiskey lovers who are particularly fond of individual distilleries.