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“The 70th Anniversary of the Macau Grand Prix Together” Runway Competition

Thanks again to all the parents and children for their dedication and hard work. This year’s “The 70 Years of Macau Grand Prix Auto Show” is a small car model competition jointly organized by the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal Chamber of Commerce and the Macau Federation of Neighborhood Associations – UGAMM Art Center. Officially a successful conclusion. The competition that day was fierce and it was really hard to tell the difference. All the little car models were dressed up with the theme of Macau Grand Prix and took the lead in walking with us through the warm-up celebrations of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

We would also like to thank all units for their full support, including the Macau Sports Bureau, Macau Major Sporting Events, Macau Maritime and Water Bureau, Macau Tourism Bureau, Stopover Macao, Häagen-Dazs, LabMa, Sandbox VR Macau, Kenneth Kenneth International Entertainment and Kenneth Wine Cellar Kenneth Wine Cellar. I wish all the children a bright future and become the future stars of Macau! See you next time in our little car model event!