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Taipa Ferry Terminal “The 70 Years of Macau Grand Prix Auto Show Together”

Co-sponsored by the Taipa Ferry Terminal Chamber of Commerce, the Macau Federation of Industry and Commerce and CSI Group, the Sports Bureau of the Macau SAR Government, the Maritime and Water Bureau, the Macau Tourism Bureau, the Macau Federation of Neighborhood Associations Art Center, Sands China, ZUVER Racing Team, Tianshi Racing Team The “70 Years of Macau Grand Prix Auto Show” fully supported by , Kenneth International Entertainment, Kenneth Wine Cellar, and Amma Restaurant has held an opening ceremony at the arrival hall of Taipa Ferry Terminal on October 30, 2023. Director of the Sports Bureau Poon Wing-kuen, Deputy Director of the Macau Government Tourism Office Xu Yiu Ming, Deputy Director of the Maritime and Water Bureau Tang Yuping, Chairman of the Municipal Affairs Bureau Dai Zuyi, Director of the Promotion Department of the Information Bureau Ou Shunhua attended the meeting. Yuan Yonggui, member of the Executive Committee of Macau Radio and Television, Liu Yiliang, deputy to the National People’s Congress of Macao; Macao Representative of the National People’s Congress and President of the Macau Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ho Jinglin; Trustee Member of the Cultural Development Fund, Fei Anda; Legislative Council Member, Vice President of Bank of China Macau Branch, Ip Siu-ka; Legislative Council Members, Qiu Tingbiao and Zheng Anting, Sands China Vice President of Corporate Communications and Social Affairs, Shen Song Nian and CSI Group Chairman Zheng Zhijin attended the ceremony as the officiating guests. The auto show will be on display for a month from now on, during which a series of charity activities will be held to warm up and promote the historic moment of the 70th anniversary of the Grand Prix, an annual sports event, to tourists in Macao and local residents.

On the day of the ceremony, two combat vehicles this year were introduced – TATUUS F3 T318 and AUDI GT3 R8. In particular, the highlight this time is the TATUUS F3. The body shape is eye-catching, and two models appear with the racing car. It is really a feast for the eyes and full of surprises for racing fans!

In addition, the Taipa Ferry Terminal Chamber of Commerce, the organizer of this event, and the Macau Federation of Neighborhood Associations Yijun Center jointly organized a small car model event on November 5. The prizes are very rich and attractive, aiming to cultivate children’s self-confidence and show elegance. With his amazing body shape, he will become a small car model at this year’s 70th anniversary auto show. Children across Australia who are interested are welcome not to miss this opportunity!

CSI Group also collaborated with the Taipa Ferry Terminal Chamber of Commerce to organize the “70 Years of Macau Grand Prix Together” car show, which was held from October 30 to November 26 at the Taipa Ferry Terminal Arrival Hall. This exhibition has different areas, mainly for local residents and visitors to Macau to experience the cultural charm contained in the Macau Grand Prix. It also allows visitors to feel the fiery atmosphere of the Grand Prix as soon as they arrive in Macau. In addition, the Taipa Ferry Terminal Chamber of Commerce and CSI Group once again wish the 70th anniversary of #MacauGrandPrix a complete success!

Admission fee: Free

Time: October 30, 2023 to November 26, 2023

Location: Taipa Ferry Terminal Arrival Hall