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Single malt, blended, grain, single malt whiskey? What’s the difference?

Different raw materials: barley, wheat, rye, other grains. In principle, all wines brewed and distilled using grains belong to whiskey. If we use raw materials to distinguish, we can roughly divide it into the following categories: “Malt Whiskey” If all the raw materials are malted barley, fermented, distilled and aged, it is malt whiskey. “Single malt whiskey”, “blended malt whiskey”, and “single malt whiskey” are all types of malt whiskey. “Grain Whiskey” is made from other grains besides malt, usually corn, wheat or rye (rye). “Bourbon” (Bourbon: American whiskey whose main raw material is corn.) and “Rye Whiskey” (Rye Whiskey: the main raw material is rye) are also a type of grain whiskey. “Blended Whiskey” is a blend of malt whiskey and grain whiskey, such as Royal Salute and Corner Flask.