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Macau CSI Group and Tencent Strategic Investment Enterprise will work together to create Macau smart city solutions

“Strategic cooperation agreement”

Zheng Zhijin, chairman of the board of directors of Macau CSI Group, recently led a delegation to visit the headquarters of Tencent in Shenzhen and signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Huang Junjun, chairman of Tencent’s strategic investment company Shengcan Technology. Relevant agreements indicate that information technologies such as Tencent Cloud data centers, smart cities, smart parks, smart hotels, smart finance, and smart cultural tourism will be introduced in the future to address the needs related to Macau’s economic development and social and people’s livelihood. Through the conclusion of this “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, Macau CSI Group will also become an important partner of Tencent’s strategic investment enterprises.

In order to support the Macau SAR government’s goal of building Macau into a smart city of “leading technology with digital and serving people’s livelihood with intelligence”, Macau CSI Group and Tencent have reached a consensus on strategic cooperation. In the future, they will introduce relevant products and projects of Tencent Group, and the two parties will also jointly research and develop innovative technologies. Other technological wisdom applied to Macau.

CSI Group integrates and leverages the comprehensive advantages of Macau that have been rooted in decades, combined with the advanced technology and operational capabilities of Shengcan Technology, a strategic investment company of Tencent, to introduce Tencent Group’s latest technology to Macau, such as providing “touring Macau with a mobile phone” The service model is convenient for tourists: entering the park by swiping your face, buying souvenirs online, scanning attractions, enjoying delicious food… that is, using Tencent Cloud’s leading data processing capabilities to develop “Visit Macau” apps and mini-programs for tourists, and establish a comprehensive , convenient and preferential destination smart tourism service platform, in line with the goal of the Macau government and all sectors of society to build Macau into a “world tourism and leisure center”, and jointly build “Smart Macau”.