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Kenneth Wine Cellar x Lok Lam Family Wine Tasting

Wine tasting event December 15, 2021 – December 15, 2021 “Kenneth Wine Cellar x LOK LAM FAMILY Wine Tasting” This wine cellar has always been based on distinguished customer service, high-quality personal experience and selected wines The product has three main purposes, and we hope that every guest can feel the unique feeling of Macau after experiencing it in person.
In addition to enjoying all kinds of fine wines at the wine tasting party, there are also links to introduce wine knowledge and wine tasting methods, allowing each guest to savor the fine wines while also leading everyone into the world of wine.
Being able to buy your favorite things is a lover’s wish; being able to dine in a noble wine cellar with your family and friends is a shared enjoyment; being able to interact with colleagues and friends under a drunken atmosphere is an enhancement of your relationship. Whether you want carefully selected wines, private dining or corporate team-building activities, Kenneth Wine Cellar can meet your needs.