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Japanese Irish Whiskey Summer Promotion

Limited Time Offer! The event is from August 3rd to August 20th. You can enjoy discounts of up to 40% off when purchasing the following wines. Whether it is a Japanese whiskey with a delicate taste or an Irish whiskey with a strong barley aroma, they are all worth collecting. Top quality wines to savor!

►Sake introduction

【Kyoto Whiskey】 Three bottles at a surprising price

Nishijin Ribbon’s carefully selected single malt whiskey and grain whiskey are blended in perfect proportions. The sweetness like vanilla spreads in the mouth.

This is an authentic bourbon whiskey matured in new Nishijin Ori Black Belt American oak barrels, mixed with carefully selected single malt whiskeys, and then matured twice in bourbon oak barrels.

The aroma of Nishijin Ori Purple Ribbon Malt also contains just enough smoky aroma and sweetness, showing a noble and elegant style.

[Sandu Tiger Year Limited Whiskey]

This is a collection of single malt whiskey carefully brewed with the spirit and efforts of Japanese craftsmen. It is matured in brand new bourbon barrels for a long time and then in sherry barrels for 4 months.

【Chichibu White Leaf Whiskey】

It is blended with malt whiskey produced by Hanyu Distillery; after adding ice cubes, the grain taste is slightly sweet and the aroma is more delicate.

【Vietnam Whole Wheat Whiskey】

It is made by mixing a variety of different whole wheat original wines using complex and profound techniques to extract the different essences of each original wine. The mountain contains a honey and caramel aroma, and you can feel a faint fruity taste immediately in the mouth. Fragrant and full of flavor.


Brewed exclusively from barley grown by Robert Milne in County Wexford. Fruity aromas of orange, mango and molasses, with flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh malt.


It starts with a mild clove flavor, followed by bread and malt biscuit flavors, peppery spiciness in the middle, and honeydew melon and pear flavors at the end.

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