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How to stir “finely”

First of all, we need to match the wine with a suitable wine glass. The shape of the wine glass actually has a certain impact on the shaking glass. For example, a thin-walled crystal cup with a large belly, slender legs, and crystal clear glass is the best choice for tasting red wine. Holding the cup belly with your hands will accelerate the temperature rise of the wine and affect the quality of the wine. Therefore, unless necessary, try not to wrap your palms around the cup belly. Rotate counterclockwise to control the wine glass. Even if there is an accident, the wine will be directed towards you. To shake the glass, you can hold the glass in mid-air or you can place the glass flat on the table, hold the glass leg with your index finger and middle finger (or ring finger and middle finger), and shake the glass in a circular motion. When drinking sparkling wine without shaking the glass: Sparkling wine will lose bubbles after shaking the glass and taste bad, so it is not recommended to shake the glass when drinking sparkling wine; After wine tasting: Continue shaking after tasting the wine Glass will cause the wine to over-oxidize and lose its original complex flavor.