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Grand Prix Kids Runway Model is now recruiting contestants!

Grand Prix Kids Runway Model is now recruiting contestants!

The “70th Anniversary Car Show of the Macau Grand Prix Together” small car model competition will be held on November 5, 2023. This car model competition is organized by the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal Chamber of Commerce and the Macau Street Fair Association’s Art Jun Center The small car model competition, which works hand in hand, has won the support of Macau Sports Bureau, Macau Maritime and Water Bureau, Macau Tourism Bureau, Haagen-Dazs, Guanye Mama, Sandbox VR Macau, Kenneth International Entertainment and Kenneth Wine Cellar operation support unit. The purpose of this competition is to cultivate children’s self-confidence and elegant posture, and to discover potential players.

All winners will receive a trophy, a food gift box, a stationery gift voucher, a virtual reality experience game ticket, an ice cream gift voucher and other rich prizes. In addition, the first, second and third place winners will receive an additional blind box, which includes famous products. A sprig of wine. Children from all over Australia are welcome to sign up and become little car models for this 70th anniversary auto show!

Player recruitment conditions:

Age: 6-12 years old

Registration fee: Free

Competition location: Taipa Ferry Terminal Arrival Hall

Competition date: November 5

The competition regulations and registration information can be viewed by scanning the QR code on the poster. Parents who are interested in registering their children should download the registration form by themselves and submit it together with the required information to the Art Jun Center on the 5th floor of the Main Community Service Building on Taishan Street. If available, Any questions are welcome.