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Fun Expert Expo

[Too much of anything in this world is bad, but too much good whiskey is never enough]

Kenneth Wine Cellar, which always pays attention to quality and purchases high-quality whiskey, brings you a variety of world-renowned “Japanese whiskey” and “Solvay”.

At that time, Zhong will share with you knowledge about whiskey and some interesting facts about wine, hoping to lead everyone to enter and enjoy the world of whiskey.

Nothing wrong‼ ️The key point is that our association will launch an exclusive special discount for this exhibition to compare with everyone!

1️⃣ As low as 200 mosquitoes, you can find two bottles of wine, one red and one white⁉️

2️⃣ Ardbeg Single Mai Suvay venue special price‼

So don’t miss it~ We are waiting for you at booth C13!

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