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Four factors to consider when buying red wine

The value of red wine can range from high to low. Whether you are a beginner or a friend who is already familiar with red wine, knowing how to choose the right red wine for different occasions will not only allow you to taste red wine better, but also avoid wasting good red wine. Professionals remind customers to consider the following four points when purchasing red wine: 1) Money budget. The price of a high-quality red wine can range from more than 100 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, but after locking in your own money budget , it is convenient to choose the ideal red wine to avoid confusion. 2) Occasion In addition to drinking during meals on weekdays, red wine is very popular at wedding banquets, parties and other gatherings, but the amount of drinking varies greatly in different places and environments. If a large amount of red wine will be consumed at the party, the price of the selected red wine can be cheaper, and the types of wine can be more popular to avoid waste. 3) Grape type and source After considering the above two factors, you can choose the red wine produced in your favorite country according to the conditions. Such as different grape types and “New and Old World” red wines. In many cases, “Old World” red wines (France and Italy) are more expensive, but the quality of “New World” red wines is also guaranteed. Chilean red wine is one of them. One of the more popular “New World” red wines. As for grape varieties, red wines made from Carbernet Sauvignon and Merlot are easy to find on the market. But you can pay attention to whether the red wine is made from a single type of grape or 2 to 3 types of grapes, because the taste and price of the red wine are very different. 4) Vintage of red wine In fact, vintage has a greater influence on “old world” red wine. Therefore, after choosing red wine from France or Italy, you must appropriately choose a “good vintage”, and the taste will definitely be different.