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Federação de Juventude de Macau Macao Youth Federation visited Taipa Ferry Terminal to have in-depth exchanges on how to activate the terminal space and enhance cultural and economic value

Federação de Juventude de Macau Macao Youth Federation, General Association of Chinese Students of Macau, Associação de Nova Juventude Chinesa de Macau Macao New Chinese Youth Association visited the Taipa Ferry Terminal to exchange views on the development prospects of cultural and creative industry activities in Macau and the revitalization of public spaces. The attendees included Liu Zochun, vice president of the Macau Chinese New Youth Association, secretary-general Zhang Jiamin, and General Secretary of the Macau Chinese Students United Secretary General Shi Nina and other members.

Liu Zuochun, vice president of the New Youth Association, pays attention to the planning and construction of cultural facilities in Macao and said that the Taipa Ferry Terminal is a key hub in Macao’s economic and cultural exchanges, with very convenient transportation facilities, a large indoor area and sufficient light transmittance, so it is suitable to hold the event at this venue Activities in exhibition-type projects are a good choice. It is recommended that the government introduce large-scale employment expos, cultural and creative markets and other related activities in the future.

Create a “cultural and creative street”
Zheng Xiaosong, representative director of CSI Group, proposed the idea of ​​​​activating the terminal and releasing the effective space of the terminal. For example, creating a “cultural and creative street” and other related industry activity concepts at the terminal, hoping to fully utilize and activate the terminal space, and also be consistent with the terminal. It will bring economic benefits to Macao, and then drive the overall tourism and economic development; it can also improve inappropriate problems such as insufficient and fragmented public space in the region; thereby providing venue space for event planning, meeting actual needs while avoiding unnecessary The excessive size of the dock area results in a waste of resources.

Promote cultural and creative activities
Lin Xinze, Planning Director of CSI Group, said that in the future, he hopes to assist the government in promoting cultural and creative activities. Currently, he is actively introducing the IP industry chain. With the joint transportation measures between the airport and the terminal in the future, the terminal will become the number one attraction for tourists from all over the world to visit Macao. , hoping to make Taipa Ferry Terminal an international cultural and creative tourist attraction in Macau and a city card of Macau; future planning hopes to introduce brand activities integrating creative markets, music feasts, DIY handicraft workshops, etc., and become a showcase for cultural and creative people An important stage for exchanges, it also provides a new check-in destination for the general public and tourists, enriching the city image of Macao.

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