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CSI Group welcomes the New Year with a Lion Dance Banquet and the Taipa Ferry Terminal has a strong New Year atmosphere

On the eighth day of the Lunar New Year (February 12), Taipa Ferry Terminal Operations and Management Company CSI Group held its annual New Year Lion Dance Group Worship, Green Picking Ceremony and New Year Poon Choi Banquet at Taipa Ferry Terminal, which was attended by many government departments and merchants. Support includes representatives from the Maritime and Water Affairs Bureau: Tang Yuping, Director of the Port Management Department, and Tang Yunhong, Director of the Port Management Department; Customs representatives: Yin Zhenxuan, Director of the Port Inspection Department, Liu Peide, Director of the Island Customs Inspection Department, and Li Kaiqing, Commander of the Taipa Ferry Terminal Customs Station. ; Representatives of the Immigration Bureau: Acting Director Huang Jianhong, Superintendent Li Haohong; representatives of Cotai Water Jet, TurboJet and Yuetong Shipping, colleagues of CSI Group and dozens of merchants attended to support.

At the event, Cheng Zhijin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSI Group, thanked the Maritime and Water Bureau, Customs and Immigration Bureau and other government departments for their full support and cooperation in promoting the creation of high-quality port management. He also thanked all merchants for their contribution to the expansion of commercial activities at Taipa Ferry Terminal, which contributed to the establishment of the Taipa Ferry Terminal. Today’s Lunar New Year Lion Dance and New Year’s Poon Choi Feast.

This year’s series of Lunar New Year activities demonstrate the responsibility and initiative of the operation and management company in improving the image of Taipa Ferry Terminal. It also reflects the purpose of the CSI Group’s operation and management of Taipa Ferry Terminal, which is to create a place for Macau that can satisfy tourists. Participate together to build a new port of harmonious interaction.

Nearly 60 shops have opened at Taipa Ferry Terminal in the past year. The management company has introduced competitive and distinctive brands, attracting many tourists. CSI Group hopes to inject vitality into the Taipa Ferry Terminal through different forms of festivals and activities, attract more people and establish a good image, making the Taipa Ferry Terminal an important entry and exit port for tourists from all over the world.