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CSI Group visited Instituto para os Assuntos Municipais to recommend smart municipal projects

Representatives of CSI Group and Tencent strategic partners recently visited the Municipal Affairs Bureau

They were received by Chairman Dai Zuyi, Vice Chairman Ke Lan and member Guan Shimin of the Municipal Management Committee of the Municipal Affairs Bureau. The two parties discussed Macao’s smart municipal development strategy and how to improve people’s livelihood and economy after the epidemic, and enhance citizens’ awareness of environmental sanitation.

“Macao Smart City Development Strategy and Construction of Key Areas”

Cheng Chi Kam, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSI Group, said that the Municipal Affairs Bureau has implemented the recommendations of the SAR government on smart city construction and the “Macao Smart City Development Strategy and Construction of Key Areas” and has been actively promoting the construction of e-government in recent years. The smart solution introduced by CSI Group to the department this time hopes to promote the development of Macao into a smart city that “uses digital technology to lead technology and intelligently serves people’s livelihood”. Key proposed projects include: smart emergency response, smart epidemic control, smart people’s livelihood, and smart sanitation. and other plans, hoping to rely on the network characteristics of “ultra-high speed, low latency” to accelerate the application of relevant technologies in scientific research and teaching, municipal management, tourism interaction, etc., and promote the development of Macao’s smart city.

At the meeting, CSI Group proposed in the direction of smart cities that it can rely on Tencent Cloud’s technology accumulation in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence to integrate 5G, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technical capabilities for the government to build a digital base for new infrastructure. And based on the digital base, we will create an integrated integration engine to help the government better serve citizens and optimize internal government work processes. At present, Tencent has accumulated a lot of experience in the “Guangdong Province” project in Guangdong and achieved good response. This corresponds to the existing “One Household” project in Macao. If the project needs to be optimized in the future, the group will take into account the actual conditions in Macao. , propose smart solutions and professional technical support.

Tai Zuyi, Chairman of the Municipal Management Committee of the Municipal Affairs Bureau, exchanged views with representatives of CSI Group and Tencent, and said that CSI Group has reached a cooperation with Tencent as a strategic partner, which will help government departments plan smart cities or develop other information technology projects in the future. , we can find technical support in Macao and hope to bring a new scene to the development of Macao’s smart city.