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CSI Group recommends smart cultural tourism projects to Macau Tourism Bureau

“Technology + Culture + Tourism”

Representatives of CSI Group Co., Ltd. recently introduced to the Bureau the development of mid- and long-term smart projects with the theme of “Technology + Culture + Tourism” in relation to the 2021 Macau SAR Tourism Bureau’s work planning policy of “Deepening the Cross-border Integration of “Tourism +”” The plan was met by Cheng Weidong, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau and others.

Cheng Zhijin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSI Group, said that in order to cooperate with the SAR government’s smart city construction and the recommendations of the “Macao Tourism Development Master Plan”, the MGTO has gradually launched a number of smart tourism projects in recent years, keeping pace with the ever-changing technological pace, allowing the world to Tourists visiting Macao from all over the world have a brand-new “infinite” experience. The plan recommended to the Bureau this time hopes to build a supply chain for Macao’s cultural and creative industries, integrating local cultural creativity and emerging technologies.

The key points proposed include: blockchain application (Practical blockchain), AI 3D naked eye technology, AR augmented reality map and other bold and innovative solutions. Some of the solutions have already had good responses in major tourist cities in China, Europe and Asia. I believe that if we can The successful introduction into Macao will be a unique highlight of local “smart tourism” and will be helpful in accelerating the recovery of Macao’s tourism industry and optimizing tourism activities and products.

CSI Group can also provide the Tourism Bureau with AI technology & cloud computing to enhance terminal demand capabilities, and provide technological supplies such as intelligent Internet of Things (AIOT), which will bring the convenience of the Internet to Macau tourism. I believe that the application of new technologies combined with 5G will greatly Enhance the supply chain demand of Macau’s tourism industry.

At the meeting, Cheng Weidong, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau, welcomed the proposals put forward by CSI Group. The deputy director of the MGTO said that although the epidemic situation in the mainland has continued to stabilize, there are still some inconveniences for tourists to come to Macau. However, the MGTO has also started to plan multiple promotion strategies, expand the publicity momentum, and continue to promote the main message that Macau is safe and safe to travel. Boost tourism confidence, attract more mainland tourists to visit Macao, and help the recovery of Macao’s tourism and convention and exhibition industries.

Macau AR map

During this exchange between the two parties, the MGTO also expressed interest in developing an AR map of Macau. Compared with general street map information, the AR map can quickly query the location of various tourist attractions and even provide historical tour guide introductions to the tourist attractions. It can also be used to check Macau bus routes. Compared with traditional maps, AR maps can give full play to the advantages of digital query and interaction to optimize tourists’ travel experience in Macau. At the same time, it is also believed that more innovative smart solutions will effectively improve the quality of Macau tourism. and drive tourism revenue.

“Leading technology with digital and serving people’s livelihood with wisdom”

In addition, in order to strongly support the Macau SAR government in building Macau into a smart city that “uses digital technology to lead technology and intelligently serves people’s livelihood”, CSI Group took the lead in signing a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with the mainland’s Tencent strategic investment enterprise at the beginning of the year, and is currently actively developing projects in the Macau SAR. Carry out the implementation of information technology projects such as Tencent Cloud data center, smart city, smart cultural tourism, smart hotel, and smart finance.