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CSI Group promotes cultural creativity + cross-border live streaming e-commerce in Macau and Hengqin

Recently, in order to actively implement the “Master Plan for the Establishment of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone” issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, the plan proposed to promote the development of cultural and creative industries from Macao and the Shenzhen Cooperation Zone to the mainland. Macau CSI Group invited the former Macau Asia TV host and current original video expert Zhang Manyu, who has more than 100 million fan views on the mainland, to come to Macau to jointly promote Macau’s unique wine cellar & red wine at “Kenny “Si Wine Cellar” held the first “Cross-regional Internet Live Broadcast in Mainland China, Macau, and Malaysia” event, which has come to a successful conclusion! Attendees of the event included Zheng Xiaosong, director of Kenneth Wine Cellar, Lin Xinze, director of marketing planning, and Wu Jiru, director of marketing department.
This is the first time that CSI Group has cross-border cooperation with the Malaysian MY SHOPPING LIVE Alliance Mall. It is an innovative breakthrough that combines domestic and overseas cross-border e-commerce networking! Through the FB international network + the mainland Douyin live broadcast platform, it is also the first cross-regional three-place live broadcast model in Macau. At the same time, this event is used to promote Macau’s unique tourism culture and special products to fans in Malaysia and other countries around the world.
The number of likes on Douyin exceeded 6,200 within half an hour after the live broadcast started. Fans who came to watch the live broadcast through FB included fans from Malaysia, Taiwan, and even the United Kingdom. During the live broadcast, many fans left messages saying, “I really want to come to Macau~I really want to come to Kenneth Wine Cellar”! This event uses a relaxed and lively creative live broadcast event between the three places to drive new business opportunities for cross-border integration of “tourism +”. It not only enhances the competitiveness of Macao’s tourism industry, but also drives the development of cultural and creative industries.
The biggest feature of this event is to allow fans to see & learn about Macau’s products & distinctive culture. Zheng Xiaosong, director of Kenneth Wine Cellar, said that under the epidemic, the e-commerce sales model has developed rapidly, not only accelerating the transformation of offline experience into In the way of online anchor generation experience, anchors can also use the long-term trust established with fans to provide fans with a live broadcast experience, creating an experience that can be consumed without leaving home, not restricted by time and space, with high transaction freedom and high efficiency anytime and anywhere. huge advantage. Learn from the advantages of the mainland’s e-commerce model to promote this sales model to spread over a wide range and drive economic development.
Through the project experience of this event and the Malaysian E-commerce Alliance, the group will assist more Macau merchants to enter Southeast Asian e-commerce platforms in the future. In addition, Taiwan and other merchants are also negotiating for cooperation, and there will be more new activities in the near future to cooperate with the promotion. , creating sales situations that attract traffic and monetize for more companies. At present, the group has also planned to jointly produce more e-commerce cross-border project cooperation with well-known mainland MCN companies in Hengqin to build the Hengqin Guangdong and Macao live broadcast ecosystem to help small, medium and micro enterprises achieve e-commerce transformation. In the future, it will continue to improve the live broadcast The development of the industrial chain will expand new business opportunities for Guangdong and Macao enterprises in Hengqin!