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CSI Group Macau visited the “National Security Education Exhibition”

The 5th “National Security Education Exhibition”
Macao’s fifth “National Security Education Exhibition” attracted strong attention from all walks of life and received good and enthusiastic responses and feedback, reflecting the strong patriotism, national awareness and identity of Macao residents.

CSI Group visited the “National Security Education Exhibition for All” Under the leadership of Group Chairman Cheng Chi Kam, all members of the Group participated in the “National Security Education Exhibition” organized by the Macau Special Administrative Region Government and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau Special Administrative Region to enhance employees’ in-depth understanding of the current national security situation and future development. Understand the series of major achievements made by the country in promoting development in the new era.
Group Chairman Zheng Zhijin led all members of the group to participate CSI Group employees deepen their understanding of the current national security situation and future development

Committed to implementing the spirit of “patriotism and love of Macao”
Cheng Zhijin, Chairman of CSI Group, said: The Group has been rooted in Macau for nearly 20 years and has been committed to implementing the spirit of “patriotism and loving Macao”, actively participating in a series of patriotic education activities, and comprehensively promoting the policies, guidelines and various works and results under “One Country, Two Systems”. It can Leading employees to participate in national security education, understand national security concepts, and strengthen national security awareness should be a social and corporate responsibility for enterprises in Australia, both in terms of consciousness and meaning.
Members who participated in the exhibition said: The theme of this exhibition is clear and the content is distinctive and prominent. They understand the positioning value and social responsibility that Macao citizens should bear, support and deepen the educational work of the SAR government and national security, and be able to serve as a group member. Participating in this national security education exhibition is a very valuable and rare experience.