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Australian Red Wine Howard Park Wine-tasting Event

Wine tasting event February 23, 2023 – February 23, 2023 [Kenneth Wine Cellar] Howard Park Wine-tasting sharing session of Western Australia’s red wine king Howard Park Wines was established in 1986 , a family-owned and operated winery located in the Margaret River and Great Southern vineyard areas of Western Australia, and the vineyards in the Great Southern District have even won the title of Chief Winemaker Five-star rating from teacher James Halliday. The Howard Park Wine tasting event organized by Kenneth Wine Cellar’s ​​exclusive agent ended successfully last week. Thank you very much for your support and taking time out of your busy schedule to attend last week’s wine tasting event. There were a total of twelve cost-effective and Highly rated red and white wines will be tasted and introduced, along with a variety of delicious wine snacks, allowing you to gather together to talk and taste the sensory enjoyment brought by Howard Park red and white wines. We hope that there will be more opportunities in the future to continue to share good wine with everyone, and friends who are interested in this Howard Park wine can contact Kenneth Wine Cellar’s ​​exclusive agent hotline +853 6887 1188 for enquiries.