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750 ml vs. 700 ml

Accurately guessing the date of manufacture It is sometimes difficult to deduce the year of manufacture of a bottle of whiskey, especially for some early releases. Today I will teach you a way to more accurately predict the date of manufacture, that is pay attention to the capacity of the wine bottle. Scots legislation previously stipulated that the general volume of whiskey must be 750 ml. This requirement was changed to 700 ml in 1990. So if you have a bottle of The Macallan Ten Years’ whiskey and it’s 750ml, you can almost certainly bet it was produced in the 1980s or before. However, you should pay attention to some special circumstances. For example, the current laws in the United States still stipulate that the volume of whiskey sold must be 750 ml. Therefore, if this bottle of whiskey is imported into the United States, this method will not be accurate.