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2022 Macau Brand Pavilion Dianping Online Dianping Plan

The “2022 Macau Brand Pavilion Dianping Online Dianping Plan”, co-sponsored by the Macau Federation of Industry and Commerce, Galaxy Entertainment Group, and the Macau Guangzhou Association of Associations, with Meituan serving as a special cooperation platform, was officially launched today.
“2022 Macau Brand Pavilion Dianping Online Dianping Plan” officially launched
Amazhan Private Kitchen and Kenneth Wine Cellar
You can now search for “Aimashan Private Kitchen Cuisine” on the Meituan and Dianping APPs to find information related to private kitchen dishes. In the future, you will have the opportunity to send discount coupons on the platform. We will notify you as soon as there is any news. Please stay tuned. pay attention to
Plan details: The “Macau Brand Pavilion Dianping Online Dianping Plan” provides discounts on food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and other products in Macao, and uses “online” promotion to drive “offline” portal consumption. The first phase of the event will help more than 250 merchants in Macau to list on Dianping. The merchants that have already listed on Dianping are located in many districts and outlying islands of Macau, and their categories cover Macau’s specialty products, diverse flavors and cuisines. Merchants in the “Macau Brand Pavilion” will display restaurant features, signature dishes and brand stories to mainland tourists online through online stores.