Safety Officer

Safety Officer



  • To assist Project Manager in the implementation of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) management system for Fit out Works and ensure compliance with EH&S regulations and corporate requirements

  • To conduct site inspections (including out of normal working hours/days) and prepare reports with recommendations

  • To conduct risk assessment for on-site activities

  • To assist in formulating and review EH&S standards, procedures and conduct training programs

  • To investigate incidents, identify preventive measures and prepare reports of findings with recommendations

  • To provide EH&S technical supports, professional advice and guidance to project team

  • To perform duties as assigned from time to time

  • Working in Macau

Job Highlights

  • Ensure compliance with Macau EH&S regulations

  • Conduct site inspections and risk assessment

  • Investigate incidents, identify preventive measure

  • Attend all safety meetings and reports

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